Thursday, March 8, 2012

Councilor's meeting-going baby stirs the Chamber's pot

raising the question: is there space for infants in the workplace?

The way this issue came to light is dreadful. The Councillor wasn't approached personally, rather one of her (female) colleagues wrote a whiny little comment in the community paper. Jerk move, bro.

Of course, the question of whether babies ought to be welcome in the workplace has to be decided between employer and employee. There will never be a blanket response to this sort of thing, if only because many workplaces would be outright dangerous for children. 

Dragging the media into this is really only good for a laugh. Professor Duxbury, of Carleton University, offers this little gem: 
If we’re going to start bringing children into work all the time, then the organization has every right to demand the reverse — that you work at home... We have to be really careful what we ask for and what we think is appropriate.

Indeed! Bring work home!? What an outrageous notion. That never happens.